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School Badge of the Rural Training College

2.3 x 1.8 x 0.1 cm
Inscribed on the metal badge: "學不厭 / 教不倦 / 鄉師 / R.T.C."
Shield-shaped, with the words "學不厭 / 教不倦 / 鄉師 / R.T.C.". A kylin and grains are engraved on the badge.
On it appears an ancient Chinese legend of “kylin spewed the books”, which symbolises education and school. In the middle are words of Confucius, “I learn without satiety, so I teach without weariness” that was adopted as the College motto. Accompanied grains pattern symbolise villages. Characters at the bottom are abbreviations of the Chinese and English names of the College.
  • Rural Training College Past Students Association