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The Hong Kong Education Image Database is jointly developed by the Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME) and The Education University of Hong Kong Library (EdUHK Library). Items included in this Database originate from the collections of The Education University of Hong Kong, the former Teacher Training Colleges (The Northcote College of Education, Rural Training College, Grantham College of Education, Sir Robert Black College of Education, Hong Kong Technical Teachers' College and Institute of Language in Education) as well as from donations and private sources

This Database has adopted international museum standards for the cataloguing and creation of metadata, including “Cataloging Cultural Objects” (CCO) and “Categories for the Description of Works of Art” (CDWA). As a result, images and their metadata can be accessed globally through the World-Wide-Web by anyone interested in education in Hong Kong.

This Database is still in its development stage, and its content will continue to expand. Additional functionality will be added as the project progresses.

Should errors be found in the Database, they are unintentional and will be rectified as soon as HKME and EdUHK Library are made aware of them.


The Hong Kong Museum of Education would like to thank the following individuals, schools and organisations for their donations or kind permission to allow us to use the materials for learning, teaching and research purposes.


Prof Adamson, Robert Damian
Mr Au Yiu-fai
Mr Chao Shun
Mr Chan Chee-hung
Ms Chan Kwan-ying
Mr Chan, Louis
Mr Chan Ping-tim
Mr Cheng Chun-chor
Mr Cheng Man-yiu
Prof Cheng Yin-cheong
Mr Chu, Paul
Mr Chung Wing-man
Prof Clark, John
Mr Fung Hon-man
Mr Fung Yuen
Mr Ho Shiu-lun
Mr Hui, Edward
Mr Hui Sin-dwin
Mr Iu Kow-choy
Ms Iu, Fanny
Mr Jor Wing-cheung
Mr Kam Yin-hing
Dr Ko Kwok-wai
Mr Kwan Shi-pui
Ms Kwok Lai-ying
Ms Kwok Pui-kwan
Dr Kwong Kai-to
Dr Lai Kwok-chan
Mr Lau Cheuk-fai
Dr Lau Chun-kwok
Mr Lau Siu-hee
Mr Law Kin-man
Mr Lee Kwok-leung
Mr Lee Kwok-wing
Ms Lee Kit-wah
Dr Leung Cho-nga
Ms Leung Chor-fong
Mr Leung Hing-lin
Mr Leung Sung-hoi
Mr Leung Yui-kei
Dr Li Yuet-ting
Dr Lo Hing-kiu
Mr Lo Kum-chuen
Dr Lo Tin-yau
Dr Lo Wai-yin
Ms Lo Wing-shan
Mr Lo Gim-tung
Mr Lu Kwong-fai
Mrs Lui, Linda
Ms Lui Shi-mun
Mr Luk Hung-kay
Mr Mak Kam-chiu
Ms Mo Po-sheung
Prof Mok Ka-ho
Dr Ng Heung-sang
Mr Ng Yam-chung
Mr Michael Robinson
Dr Ngan Ming Yan
Mr Tang Cheung-kit
Mr To Yu-him
Mr Wong Ka-yiu
Ms Wong Siu-lei
Mrs Tsang Lee Pui-lan
Mr Tsoi TS
Mr Wong Kin-ming
Dr Wong Kit-ching
Dr Wong Tai-choi
Ms Wok Fei-yung
Mr Yeung Tin-choi
Ms Yeung Yau-lin
Mr Yueng Wai-fung
Mr Wong Hon-sam


Buddhist Tai Kwong Middle School
Chung Sing School
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Library, Chinese Culture Association
Faculty of Humanities, The Education University of Hong Kong
Hoi Bun School
Hoi Ming School
Hong Lok Yuen International School
Kwan Ah School
Kwok Man School
Library, The Education University of Hong Kong
Life Building Centre
Marymount Secondary School
Pooi To Middle School
Research Project on Village Schools in Hong Kong
SKH Chu Yan Primary School
SKH Ling Oi Primary School
Small Traders New Village Public School
St. Louis School
St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary & Primary School
The Hong Kong Heritage Project
Tsung Him School
University of Hong Kong
Wah Shan Public School
Wai Kwan Primary School


The content of this database is made available for learning, teaching research and study purposes only. However, the images of this database is subject to copyright, any reproduction, adaptation, distribution or dissemination of the images without expressed authorization of the relevant copyright holders is not allowed.

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