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Agreement on Completing the Two-year Teacher Training Course and Two-year Teacher-on-probation of the Northcote Training College, 1951

Issued by The Education Department (Hong Kong, established in 1865)
33 x 21 cm
Paper, black ink printing
Description on the agreement : "AN AGREEMENT made the 17th day of October, 1951. BETWEEN the Director of Education for and on behalf of the Government of Hong Kong of the one part and HO SIU LUN 何兆倫 of 3, Yuen Yuen St. Happy Valley in the Colony of Hong Kong (hereinafter called the pupil teacher) of the other part WHEREBY it is mutually agreed as follows: ... As witness the hands of the parties hereto the day and year first above written." ; signature and dated : "SIGNED by the Director of Education for and on behalf of the Government of Hong Kong in the presence of:- / SIGNED by HO SIU LUN in the presence of:- / NORTHCOTE TRAINING COLLEGE Principal"
Cream paper with black typing ink and black pen inscription.
The agreement was made between the Northcote Training College, the Director of Education Department and the pupil teacher (Mr Ho Siu Lun). The contents of the agreement are as follows : 1. The pupil teacher shall serve at the Northcote Training College under the Director of Education or his nominee as a teacher in training for a period of two years beginning on the first day of September, 1951. 2. On the successful completion of the training the pupil teacher shall teach for four years in any school or college approved by the Director. 3. An official teachers’ certificate will be granted after the completion of two years’ teaching in approved local colleges or schools to the satisfaction of the Director, and for the purpose of salary during two-year period, teachers will be considered to be qualified teachers on probation. 4. The period of training at the College shall not count as service in the Government of Hong Kong for pension or incremental purposes. 5. Subsistence allowances may be paid to teachers in training. The amounts of such allowances to be determined by the Director who may in his absolute discretion withdraw or amend the amounts at any time. 6. If the pupil teacher shall fail to complete his training or leave the College or fail to complete four years’ teaching in a school or college approved by the Director except in such circumstances as the Director in his absolute discretion, on the advice of his medical and educational advisers, considers adequate, the pupil teacher shall within three months refund to the Director all subsistence allowances received by him in the course of his training.
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