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Level 4 Japanese Reading Examination Test Merit Certificate (1943)

25th October 1943, the administrative centre during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong organised the first Japanese examination.
From right to left: "成績佳良證明書", "利錦鸞", "大正十年四月二十七日生", "四等級讀解力", "右者昭和十八年十月施行ノ日本語檢定二於テ頭書ノ成績佳良ナリ仍テ之ヲ證ス", "昭和十八年十一月六日", "香港占領地總督部日本語檢定委員長正四位勲二等 泊武治" and "第一二號".
Paper, black ink print, with stamps and brush handwriting.
During the Japanese occupation, the government strongly encourage Japanese education in Hong Kong and forced all teachers to take the Japanese examination. Teachers who fail in the exam needed to attend an additional 3 months of training.
  • Mr Koon Keung, Allen Luk