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Certificate of completion of Two-year Teacher Training Course and Two-year Teacher-on-probation at the Northcote Training College, 1956 (Ho Mei-chee)

Issued by the Hong Kong Education Department (established in 1865) and the Northcote Training College (Hong Kong, 1939-1994)
29.7 x 21 cm
Paper, black ink printing
Description on the certificate (left to right) : "EDUCATION DEPARTMENT / HONG KONG / Northcote Training College / TEACHER’S CERTIFICATE / Ho Mei Chee/ having successfully completed the Two-year Course of training at the College and having taught for two years as a teacher-on-probation to the satisfaction of the Director of Education, is hereby awarded the Teacher’s Certificate of Northcote Training College." ; signed and dated : "Director of Education / Principal / Date: 8th March 1956"
A4 size paper with black typing ink and black pen inscription. The embossed stamp of the Hong Kong Education Department was sealed on the signature of the principal. The certificate is decorated with the emblem of the United Kingdom.
Northcote Training College offered a two-year programme with a Chinese Department and an English Department. Students had to complete two year practices in order to graduate. This certificate allowed graduate to register through The Hong Kong Education Department and became certificated master (CM). They could teach in both primary and junior forms of secondary schools.
  • Northcote Traing College