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Couplet : "羅才晉士禮賢始,富國強民教育先"

  • Title Type: Descriptive
  • Creator Information: Composed by Dr Li Chau Yuan (Hong Kong), written by Mr Cho Chung Ngok (Hong Kong)
  • Creation Date: Dingmao year [1987]
  • Creators:
  • Dimensions: 173 x 30 x 0.7 cm
  • Materials/Techniques: Wood
  • Special Markings: Inscribed on the couplet : "羅才晉士禮賢始 / 富國強民教育先 / 李超源撰句 / 曹忠岳書 / 丁卯年三月"
  • Physical Appearance: Reddish brown rectangular wooden block with gold ink inscription.
  • Subject Index:
  • Note: The couplet was composed by Dr Li Chau Yuan and given to the Northcote College of Education. The couplet means : "In order for a nation to be strong, it has to promote education and nurture the talented".
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    • Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Permanent URL: https://imagedb.museum.eduhk.hk/items/6d33a78b
  • Reference Number: 000705