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Pennant of the Northcote College of Education Student Association

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  • Title Type: Descriptive
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 26 cm
  • Materials/Techniques: Cloth with soft nap
  • Special Markings: NCESA
  • Physical Appearance: A triangular, tapering flag with the emblem of The Northcote College of Education. Beside the emblem are the words : NCESA.
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  • Note: A pennant symbolises the championship of a league, especially a sports league. The word "NCESA" on this pennant represents "Northcote College of Education Student Association", used after the College renamed in 1967.
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    • Northcote Traing College
  • Permanent URL: https://imagedb.museum.eduhk.hk/items/0c056d28
  • Reference Number: 000006