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Permit to Employ a Permitted Teacher, 1963 (Lu Kwong-fai)

Issued by The Hong Kong Education Department (established in 1865)
25.4 x 17.8 cm
Paper, black ink printing, blue stamp
Title : "FORM 7 / EDUCATION ORDINANCE, 1952 / Permit to employ a permitted teacher"
Cream paper with black typing ink, black and blue pen inscription. B/W passport photograph with embossed stamp of the Hong Kong Education Department adhered on the bottom of left-hand side.
Before the 1920s, teachers (especially in the New Territories schools) were being recruited from a variety of sources and were uneven in quality. Some had gained their status of xiucai before 1905 under the old examination system, while some were more recent graduates from teachers’ training colleges or professional training colleges in China. After the 1920s, by issuing the 1933 education regulations and the amended version of 1952, which laid down teachers’ qualifications in unequivocal terms and insisted on strict adherence to these when hiring, the Government ensured that teachers standards were not just maintained but improved. This permission was issued by the Education Department, in order to permit Kowloon English School to employ Mr Lu Kwong Fai as a permitted teacher to teach General English subjects.
  • Sir Robert Black College of Education Past Students Association