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Graduation Photo of San Wui Commercial Society School (1977)

The San Wui Commercial Society sponsoring body, led by Sir Kenneth Fung Ping-fan, established the San Wui Commercial Society School at Sheung Wan Kui In Fong 7342 in 1958. The school building was completed in the same year, and classes were started in September. Students were divided into morning and afternoon schools.
Above the photo: "新會商會學校第十八屆上午班畢業師生合影", "一九七七年七月琳琅映", "(三)八六九九五四". Stamped by "SimLong Sudtio" on the bottom right corner with address and phone number.
B/W photo framed with cardboard paper. Ink printing.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk