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Group photo of teachers and students of a private Chinese school in Hong Kong

Ms Lee Kam Luen (aliases: Lee Wan Yun (pronunciation)), sister of Hong Kong famous banker, statesman and educator Hon. Sir Quo-wei Lee. Then located at 39-41 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, 香港私立中光學校 was a not-for-profit primary school founded and headed as principal by Mr. Lee Shu Yuen who was himself a reputable businessman. Mr. Lee Shu Yuen was the 9th Uncle of Madam Lee Kam Luen. The following persons can be identified in the photo: Mr. Luk Shiu Man (husband of Madam Lee Kam Luen) (the rightmost, front row); Mr. Lee Shu Yuen (second from the right, front row); Madam Lee Kam Luen (third from the left, second row).
B/W photo in a wooden frame.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk