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Course completion certificate from Japanese language school (1944)

During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese government set up many Japanese language schools, and also encouraged the establishment of private Japanese language schools. In the recruitment of the government or Japanese-funded companies, those with a better Japanese level will not only be hired, but also be given extra food rationing.
From right to left: "修了證書", "本籍廣東省(**)縣", "利錦鸞", "大正十一年四月二十七日生", "右ハ本學院ニ於テ研究級ノ講習ヲ修了セリ仍テ茲ニ之ヲ證ス", "昭和十九年二月二九日", "月峰高級日語學院長 胡啓輝", "第八九五號".
Paper, black ink print, with stamps and brush handwriting.
  • Mr Koon Keung, Allen Luk