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Appointment letter of San Wui Commercial Society School (1958)

The San Wui Commercial Society sponsoring body, led by Sir Kenneth Fung Ping-fan, established the San Wui Commercial Society School at Sheung Wan Kui In Fong 7342 in 1958. The school building was completed in the same year, and classes were started in September. Students were divided into morning and afternoon schools.
On the right page is the appointment letter: "僑港新會商會小學聘書", "學字第五十號", "茲聘利錦鸞先生為本校專任教員任期由一九五八年九月壹日起至一九五九年八月卅一日止其聘任辦法依照左列教員聘任規約辦理此聘", "監督 馮秉芬", "一九五八年八月廾六日". On the left page, titled: "僑港新會商會小學教員聘任規約" and detail of the contract written.
Paper, black and red ink print. Brush handwriting and red name stamp.
  • Mr Koon Keung, Allen Luk