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A Golden Medal awarded for academic honour to Mr Fung Hon-man, presented by the Sun Yat-sen University of Guangzhou in 1935

Mr Fung Hon-man studied at the National Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou in the 1931, now known as Sun Yat-sen University. The university was divided into seven schools; the school of Arts, Sciences, Law, Medicine, Agriculture Studies, Engineering and Education. Each college awarded two Medals of Honour to outstanding graduates at the graduation ceremony. These were: the Thesis Award for a thesis score of 85 or above and the highest result in the college; and the Excellent Prize for 4 years study, an average score of 85 or above in every subject and the highest result in the college. Mr Fung was awarded the Excellent Prize medal at the 9th graduation ceremony of the School of Arts of the National Sun Yat-sen University. After graduation Mr Fung became a lecturer at the Rural Training College for almost 8 years. He served Grantham College of Education as a lecturer in 1954 and then rose to the rank of Vice Principal with a total of 14 years dedicated service in the College. HKIEd conferred an Honorary Fellowship for Mr Fung in 2011, for his dedication of education.
  • Hon-man Fung