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Graduation Photo of Vernacular Teacher's Class of Hong Kong Evening Institute (1948)

The Hong Kong Technical Institute establish Vernacular Teacher's Class in 1914 and was responsible for training in-service unqualified teachers. The classes are in the evening. Male and female teachers had classes in Queen's College and Belilios Public School respectively. 1935, the institute was renamed be Evening Institute. The Vernacular Teacher's Class was a programme last for 3 years and graduates will receive a qualification from the government. The Evening Institute was forced to close during the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945). It reopened after the war and borrowed the Northcote College of Education's campus for classes until 1950.
On the front, names are written according to the position people stand. From right to left: "周孝廉", "黃枕亞先生", "陳潤章", "麥君澤先生", "張詠香", "伍伯強先生", "李希孟", "利 氏監督", "盧彩珍", "戴 雅校長", "利錦鸞", "鄭震寰先生", "林姊映", "劉選民先生", "招志文", "李援華先生", "區仲賢", "吳鳳儀". Stamp of the photography studio "May Dick Soke Studio" on the bottom right corner with address and photo number. Hand written "利錦鸞" on the back.
B/W photo framed with cardboard paper. Ink printing.
Mr Li Hei Mang (pronunciation) was the principal of Hong Kong Vernacular Normal School Alumni Association Primary School (Afternoon) during 1976-1981, he was also a former Executive Committee member of the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk