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Group photo of the first cohort of graduates of Grantham Training College, 1952.

As one of the government teacher training institutions, Grantham Training College was established in 1952.. Mr Cheung Wing-min served as the president of the college. The campus was originally located at King’s College and offering a one-year program for training primary school teachers. Then moved to the Gascoigne Road campus in Kowloon in 1952. Sir Grantham officiated the new campus opening ceremony and took this photo with the first of cohort of graduates and teachers of the College. From the second on left in front row were Mr Kwok Ling-kwong, Mr Yue Kai-shui, Mr Wai Po-yam, Mr J.W. Moorhouse, Mr Law Chung-hung, Mrs Grace Yapp Liang Pao-lu, Mrs Kitty Cheung Tse Chung-yin, Sir Alexander Grantham, Maurine Grantham, Mr Cheung Wing-min, Mr Wu Hei-tak, Mrs Li Cheung Tao-sai, Mr Ho Chat-yuen, Mr Choy Kwok-bing, Ms Chang Wan-taan, Ms Chan Chi-tak. The fifth on left in fourth row was Mr Szeto Wah.