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Greeting card and photos of the Shatin Baseball Team

Complimented by Mr. Tsang Yam-kuen (Hong Kong, Former Chairman of Shatin District Council)
66 x 23.5 cm
The cover of this greeting is a cartoon of a monkey. Inside the greeting card, the upper part shows three group photos of the the Shatin Baseball Team. The first photo is the group photo of the baseball team. The photo in the middle is group photo of the team members with Mr. Tsang Yam-kuen and Mr. Lu Kwong-fai. The third photo is group photo of the team members with Mr. Lu Kwong-fai. The card is signed by Mr. Tsang Yam-kuen on the bottom right corner of the lower part.
The baseball team was established in 1982. It was the first Chinese youth baseball team. The idea of establishing a baseball team was first proposed by Mr. Lu Kwong-fai, first-year graduate of the Sir Robert Black Training College, and was supported by Mr. Tsang Yam-kuen, former District Officier of Shatin and former Chairman of Shatin District Council. Mr. Lu Kwong-fai was the coach of this baseball team. He led the team to win the championship in the Hong Kong Little League Open Championship in 1983.
  • Sir Robert Black College of Education Past Students Association