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The University Collections: Statistics (Volume Two)

Preliminary Edition, 1935; 4th Edition, 1938
Jin Guobao (1894-1963) was a Chinese statistician. He graduated from Fudan University and obtained his Master degree at Columbia University. Upon his return to China, he worked as a professor at Fudan University and Jinan University, as well as the Head of the State Finance Bureau in Nanking. “The University Collections Committee” including well-known scholars across major subjects in China at the time, such as Li Siguang (Scientist, Geologist), Zhu Kezhen (Meteorologist, Geologist, Educator), Hu Shi (Literateur, Philosopher, Historian), Ma Yinchu (Economist, Demographer, Educator), Feng Youlan (Philosopher, Philosophy Historian), Fu Sinian (Historian), Cai Yuanpei (Revolutionist, Educator, Scientist) and Gu Jiegang (Historian).
  • Strategic Planning Office, The Hong Kong Institute of Education