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Certificate of Attendance, Screen Printing Course by Advisory Inspectorate (1972)

Issued by the Education Department (Hong Kong, established in 1865)
Inscribed by the creator, English inscription on the top half of the certificate: "This is to certify that Mrs. Luk Lee Kum-luen has attended the following Course organised by the Advisory Inspectorate"; "Name of the Course Screen Printing"; "Date of the Course 21st & 25th July, 1972"; "Number of session(s) attended 2". Dated "1 SEP 1972", Signed by Chief Inspector of Schools. Chinese inscription on the bottom half: "茲證明陸利錦鸞女士曾經參加視學處主辦之下列課程"; "課程名稱 網印"; "課程日期 一九七二年七月二十一日及二十五日"; "講課次數 二次". Dated "一九七一年九月一日" and signed by "白嘉麟 總督學". Hand writing "新會商會學校(香港)" at the back.
Cream paper with black and red ink printing, blue ink date stamp, black pen inscription and blue and black pen signature. The embossed stamp of the Hong Kong Education Department adhered on top of the English signature.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk