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Christmas and New Year card from the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (2008)

The Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (HKPTU) is a professional association for staff from all universities, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens in Hong Kong. It is also a trade union and social concern group in Hong Kong.
Winter 2008
On the front cover: "恭祝聖誕並賀新禧" , "陸觀豪先生:", "司徒華 鞠躬", "SZETO WAH" , "二OO八年冬" and "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year". On the back cover: "龔自珍詩兩首" and the poem printed. Inside the card, Chinese brush writing of the poem printed, another side is the address of HKPTU.
Cardboard, ink print with handwriting. Red name stamp.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk