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Hong Kong Evening Institute Vernacular Teacher's Certificate (Women) (1940)

The Hong Kong Technical Institute establish Vernacular Teacher's Class in 1914 and was responsible for training in-service unqualified teachers. The classes are in the evening. Male and female teachers had classes in Queen's College and Belilios Public School respectively. 1935, the institute was renamed be Evening Institute. The Vernacular Teacher's Class was a programme last for 3 years and graduates will receive a qualification from the government. The Evening Institute was forced to close during the Japanese Occupation (1941-1945). It reopened after the war and borrowed the Northcote College of Education's campus for classes until 1950.
At the front: "Government of Hong Kong", "Hong Kong Evening Institute", "Vernacular Teacher's Certificate (Women)", "1939-1940", "This is to certify that, at an Examination held in June 1940. Lee Kam Luen passed in the following Subjects", "Second Year's Course", "Chinese Literature", "Geography", "Arithmetic", "Pedagogy", "School Management", "Hygiene" , signed by Director and stamped "5 OCT 1940". At the back: "香港專科夜學院漢文師範科修業証書", "教育司 為 專科夜學院監督給發修業証書事照得 利錦鸞於壹千玖百四拾 年 月在專科夜學院漢文女師範科二年級修業期滿所有下列學科業經試騐及格合就發給修業証書須至証書者", "右給利錦鸞", "計開", "漢文", "教授法", "地理", "衛生", "算術", "管理法", "壹千九百四十 年 月 日".
Paper, black ink print, with stamps and handwriting.
  • Mr Koon Keung, Allen Luk