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Group Photo of teachers and graduates of the Assembly of God Hebron Primary School (Wang Tau Hom), 1966

After the Shek Kip Mei fire in 1953, the government commenced a massive programme of building seven-storey resettlement housing blocks with the ‘H’ or ‘日’ shaped roof. To cope with the increasing demand for school places for children, the rooftops, the ground floors and the top floors of these resettlement blocks were converted into schools. The classrooms usually situated at each end of the ‘H’ or ‘日’shaped roof, leaving the space in the middle open for activities and physical education classes. Some units on the 6th floor of the building were often rented and converted into staff rooms and general offices for the schools. The group photo of teachers and graduates of The Assembly of God Hebron Primary School (Wang Tao Hom) which was the rooftop school in Wong Tai Sin in 1966.
  • Mr Kin-ming Wong