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昕, (Northcote Student Post)

Published by the Northcote College of Education Students' Union (Hong Kong)
20 pages ; 26.7 x 18.8 cm
Paper, black ink printing
Description on the front cover : "昕" ; signed & dated : "Ho Shiu Lun / 21/11/2008"
1st edition
Northcote Student Post was started in 1944. This is a supplement of the Northcote Student Post published in 1988. It contains some articles written by the students of the Northcote College of Education, the College's history and programmes, and an introduction of the annual drama "風月茶居". It also contains interviews with many professors of the Northcote College of Education, including President, Mr Ho Shiu Lun who was retired in the same year.
  • Northcote Traing College