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This folding fan belongs to Mr. Fung Hon-man which was given by Mr Ho Chat-yuen, Grantham College of Education. (Donated by Mr Fung Hon-man)

Ho Chat Yuen
Ho Chat-yuen was the follower of Mr Gao Qi-feng who was one of the master of Lingnan painting school. He studied Chinese traditional calligraphy, paintings, and poetry intensively. He dedicated his whole life to education. Mr. Ho once took the teacher’s posts in over ten schools and colleges, including Government Tai Po Vernacular Normal School (1936-1939), Northcote Training College (1939-1941, 1945-1951), Grantham Training College (1951-1959), some primary and secondary schools such as Vernacular Middle School, Pokfulam Government Primary School, Wanchai Government Primary School, Yaumatei Government School, Mui Fong Secondary School, Clementi Secondary School, and etc. He served Grantham College of Education as a lecturer and the head of the art subject for eight years before he retired in 1959. He taught the art pedagogy of primary school teaching, Chinese painting and art appreciation. Before his retirement in 1959, Mr Ho offered each colleague a fan as a gift. This folding fan belongs to Mr. Fung Hon-man which was given by Mr Ho Chat-yuen. Mr. Ho has created ink painting at the front and the poem at the back of folding fan, inscribed with the words : “Hon-man, my relative, graceful, benevolence, summer in 1959, by Chat-yuen.”
  • Hon-man Fung