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Photo of art students of the Grantham College of Education, visiting film studio in 1970

In 1968, “The Specialist Third Year Art Course” was started with emphasis on both theory and practice, with the former covering aesthetics, art education and art history etc, and the latter covering sketching, painting, printmaking, handicrafts and sculpture. Minor courses included photography, ceramics, silk-screen printing, etching, and experimental super 8mm film-making. The students also often had field visits, for example, to artists’ studios, film studios and TV production houses. The photo shows a studio visit with Mr Chan Ping-tim (first right) and some art students of Grantham College of Education (G.C.E.). Mr Chan entered the G.C.E. for a one-year programme and undertook Art as the minor subject in 1958. After graduation, he went to England for further studies specializing in Art. Mr Chan started teaching art in the Grantham College of Education in 1968, and he became the head of the art subject of the Northcote College of Education in 1988.
  • Mr Ping-tim Chan