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Northcote College of Education Golden Jubilee Exhibition & Open Day [Programme Rundown], 6th-8th July 1989

[Published by] Northcote College of Education (Hong Kong, 1939-1994)
[2] 18 pages ; 21 x 15 cm (booklet) ; 29.7 x 21 cm (sheet)
Paper, black ink printing
Description on the front cover : "NORTHCOTE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION / GOLDEN JUBILEE EXHIBITION / & OPEN DAY / 6TH - 8TH JULY 1989" ; signed & dated : "Ho Shiu Lun / 21/11/2008"
1st edition
The booklet was printed and bounded by six A4 size white papers, with one A4 size pink loose-leaf inside the booklet. The image on the front cover is the emblem of the Northcote College of Education.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Northcote College of Education in 1989, an exhibition and open day was held in the Sassoon Road campus during the period from 6 July to 8 July, 1989. The College invited Sir David Robert Ford, the Chief Secretary of Hong Kong to address at the opening and to unveil the plaque commemorating the Golden Jubilee of The Northcote College of Education. The booklet contains the programmes and activities of the exhibition and open day, floor plans of the College, and the Golden Jubilee Song. The opening speech given by the Director of Education, Mr Li Yuet Ting was printed in the loose-leaf inside the booklet.
  • Northcote Traing College