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Large Abacus

29.5 x 95 x 4.5 cm
Wooden frame, metal rods, plastic beads
Inscription on the bottom left of abacus : "WING ON SCHOOL" ; inscription on the frame of abacus : "千 / 百 / 十 / 個"
An abacus is a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a rectangular frame with vertical rods on which beads moved up and down. Most abacuses in early times contained seven beads on each rod: two on the upper deck and five on the lower deck, with a horizontal bar called the beam dividing the upper and lower portion. Most abacuses of nowadays contained five beads on each rod: one on the upper deck and four on the lower deck. This is a teaching aid used in abacus class.
  • Research Project on Village Schools in Hong Kong