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Membership card of a children programme by Sing Tao (1958-1959)

Sing Tao Evening News launched a children programme in the 1950s. The programme provided children with a variety of activities.
On the cover, the logo of the programme is on top and at the bottom: "會員證". Inside the card, on top: "星島好兒童之友會員證" and the membership number. The right page has a space for photos. On the left from top to bottom: "姓名 陸觀豪", "性別 男", "籍貫 (**)", "年齡 7", "地址 (**)", "學校 真光中學", "年級 2", "有效期間 由1958年3月1日起 至1959年3月1日止".
Cream cardboard, black ink printing. Hard pen writing.
Sing Tao Evening News and Sing Tao Daily started organising children and teenager programme in the 1950s. The programme promoted various activities for the new generations and acted as supporting resources for school and family education.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk