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Photo of English Drama "Dear Departed", the Northcote Training College, 1950

5.9 x 10 cm
Description under the photo : "1950英語話劇 <Dear Departed>"
Photocopy of black and white photo. There are six performers in the photo. This photocopy, together with another two photocopies of black and white photos, have been pasted on one A3 blue drawing. paper.
In the early years of the Northcote Training College, drama was one of the most popular extra-curricular activities. Through acting, students could enhance the use of their voice and facial expressions, which was beneficial to their future teaching careers. From 1939, the establishment of the College to the mid 1990s, students and teachers had performed more than 100 dramas. This photo was taken at a performance of English drama "Dear Departed" in 1950. The director and writer of this opera were Lucken and Ba Jin respectively.