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School Record and Examination Record of the Evening School of Higher Chinese Studies, 1965

Issued by the Evening School of Higher Chinese Studies (Hong Kong)
33 x 21 cm
Paper, black ink printing
Title : "SCHOOL RECORD / EVENING SCHOOL OF HIGHER CHINESE STUDIES / EDUCATION DEPARTMENT / HONG KONG" ; signed and dated : "(T.K. Lo) / Supervisor / 13th September, 1965"
Cream paper with black typing ink and blue pen inscription. B/W passport photograph with the stamp of Evening School of Higher Chinese Studies is adhered on the bottom of left-hand side.
In 1954, the Government formulated plans to expand primary school education to cope with the explosion in population. Therefore, the training colleges offered one-year primary school teachers’ course. Graduates of the one-year primary school teachers’ course were Primary School Master (PSM) ; graduates of the two-year teachers’ course were Certificate Master (CM). The former could only teach in local primary schools, and lacked of promotion opportunities ; the latter could teach in both primary and junior forms of secondary schools, and had promotion opportunities. Primary School Master had to complete three-year programme of the Evening School of Higher Chinese Studies, in order to transfer as a Certificate Master.
  • Sir Robert Black College of Education Past Students Association