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Three-character Classic for Enlightening Children (Xunmeng Sanzijing) (Donated by Ms Cheung Sau-ching)

Published by Chan Seung Kee Book Store
Three-character Classic was compiled in Song Dynasty, which was famous for its conciseness and rhyming. It was designed for children to acquire and practice literacy as well as morality and ethic. Three-character Classic (Sanzijing), Thousand Character Classic (Qianziwen), Poems for pre-schoolers (Youxueshi), Pomes by a Thousands Masters (Qianjiashi) were the must- reads for childhood enlightenment in Ming and Qing Dynasty, among which also known as Three-character Classic for Enlightening Children (Xunmeng Sanzijing), Thousand Character Classic for Enlightening Children (Xunmeng Qianziwen), Poems for pre-schoolers for Enlightening Children (Xunmeng Youxueshi) were the most popular and known as the Books with “Red Book”. In early years, the private schools in Hong Kong still inherited the traditional Confucian pedagogy. Three-character Classic was yet the teaching material for childhood enlightenment. Three-character Classic for Enlightening Children was published by Chan Seung Kee Book Store of Hong Kong, which is based on the original version of Imperial Academy. Engraved books of Imperial Academy were commenced in Five-dynasties, and was flourishing in Song Dynasty. Imperial Academy functioned as the national highest-level academy and educational department in charge of education and publication.
  • Miss Sau-ching Cheung