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Certificate of registration of teacher (1958)

Issued by the Education Department (Hong Kong, established in 1865)
Inscribed by the creator: "This is to certify that Miss Lee Kum Lune (*registration number*) whose photograph is affixed hereto has been registered as a teacher under the Education Ordinance, 1952.", "茲查利錦鸞 (利婉雲) (其照片黏附於下)業遵照一九五二年教育條例之規定登記,合行發給檢定教員証書此証", "Hong Kong 6th June, 1958.", "一千九百五十八年六月六日" and signed by P. Director of Education C.M. McEwan.
Paper with black ink printing, blue ink stamp, black pen inscription and signature. B/W passport photo.
According to Education Ordinance Section 42, no person shall teach in a school unless he is a registered teacher; or a permitted teacher.
  • Mr Koon Hoo, Roger Luk